1. NO WATER CONTACT for 24hrs. 

2. Allow about 20 minutes for paste to dry. Keep on skin for 8 to 12 hours.  The longer it’s on the deeper and darker the stain. Overnight makes for the best results (You can wrap it with an ace bandage to help it stay overnight). You may pick or scrape paste off after 8 hours, but don’t panic if paste falls off sooner, it's done it's job.  Just don't help it along by picking on purpose before time is up. 

3. As much heat as possible for the first 24 hours even after paste is removed, especially during winter; heat will help it darken.

4. When paste falls off you’ll see a faint orange color. It will get darker with time even after past is gone. Design will progress within 48 hours from orange tones to burgundy or brown depending on the person's natural skin tone. Color may continue to deepen even longer on some individuals.  

5. No exfoliants such as chlorine and most hand lotions. Therefore, NO pools OR hot tubs. No antioxidants such as found in many face and hand lotions. These will all rapidly exfoliate your design off.  

6. To slow design from fading, protect during water contact by using natural oils, such as olive or corn oil. A latex glove with an elastic band at the wrist is helpful to protect hand design when showering, as well as dish gloves when washing dishes. 

7. Hennaed area is 'sun screened' and will not tan, so you will get a negative image if in the sun while henna design still on. 



Face Painting & Ballon Twisting

1.  I find that using a washcloth or even a baby wipe in the shower works best to clean the paint off your face/body with the normal face soap or body wash you'd use to clean yourself with.  

2.  If at the sink or you don't want the paint in your bath water: It's best to first gently use a wet wipe or dark washcloth  (unless you don't care about paint on it) to lift the majority of the paint off.   Then you may wash your face like you normally would, again using the washcloth or wipe  to clean the pores.   


1.  The most important thing about water proof paint is to start out NOT using water! 

2.  The two best methods for waterproof paint are either liquid soap or baby oil.  Some prefer one over the other, it's up to you.  If using liquid soap (dial, dawn, etc.) put the liquid soap directly on area painted with waterproof paint WITHOUT water and work it into the paint gently in a circular motion.  You will see the paint break down and then you can wipe it off with a wet wipe or wet washcloth (dark one unless you don't care about paint on your washcloth).  If using baby oil, just apply the baby oil to a cotton ball and work it into the paint to break it down and it will start to come off.  You may need a couple of cotton balls depending on how much of your face was painted. 

WATERPROOF  Face Paint or Airbrush Paint REMOVAL

Your tattoos are waterproof but do weaken when subjected to prolonged time in the water like bathing and especially chlorinated pools.  Depending on skin type and maintenance tattoos can last 3-5 days.
Your body’s natural oils will break down the design eventually.  Following these steps will maximize the life of your temporary tattoo. 

1. Friction from rubbing, scrubbing or clothes shortens the lifespan of  tattoos so pat the tattoo dry after water activities and avoid clothes that rub your tattoo area.  
2. Avoid contacting tattoo area with alcohol based oils and lotions, moisturizing soaps, and bug spray,  unless your goal is to remove it.
3. When washing hair, rinse away from tattoo area as much as possible so shampoo & conditioner won’t cascade over the design. 
4.  For AIRBRUSH TATTOOS ONLY: Baby powder helps absorb oils and perspiration, so powdering whenever possible may help it stay longer.    
To REMOVE tattoo rub with BABY OIL or Rubbing ALCOHOL. Depending on how long you’ve had it on, you may need to let the oil or alcohol soak for 5-10 minutes before you scrub and remove.